The Battle of the Brenner

May 4, 2019

In the six-month period preceding the cessation of hostilities on 2 May 1945, the Air Forces carried out a powerful attack on the enemy's lines of communication. This co-ordinated attack centered on the Verona-Innsbruck or Brenner pass rail line and was carried out by 57 Bomb Wing and 22 Tactical Air Command of the 12 Air Force and the 15 Air Force. This is the history of the part played by medium bombardment aircraft, B-25 of the 57 Bomb Wing, in the Battle of the Brenner.

The information contained in this report is for the most part based on intelligence information dating from prior to the German collapse in Italy, in many cases later information derived from German documents and interrogation may add to or amend the material available at the time this report was written. You can download the report, for free.

The Battle of the Brenner
Publisher: 57 Bomb Wing Air Force

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