Highways in the Sky - The Story of the Airways and Air Communications System (AACS)

May 18, 2019

Visitors to this internet platform and interested in aviation history certainly wish to learn what this unique book of Louis Shores of 1947 contains. It describes the development of the "Airways & Air Communications Service" (AACS) of the United States since its establishment as a military air navigation service in 1938 until the end of Word War II. The author himself belonged to the AACS for four years. During World War II AACS units served all of the military departments and afterwards in almost all parts of the world with radio navigation as well as telegraphy, teletype and radiotelephony facilities and their operation. After World War II a global network of air navigation facilities remained, operated by 10,000 AACCS technicians, radio operators and air traffic controllers, constituting the basis of the global air navigation system and its air route network as set up within the sope of ICAO between 1944 and 1947.

Many of these former installations still exist at their original locations, alltogether constituting the cradle of the world's present air traffic control system. The report of Louis Shores describes the details of the often dramatic development during World War II. One may only think of the movies on wartime operations in the Pacific. This description is not a technical report, but the story of human achievements performed under the most detrimental conditions. Still today, it allows us to visualize the overall former development in air navigation and leads to remote locations like Poltava in the Soviet Union, Side Slimane in Morocco, Narsarssuak on Greenland, Attu in the Aleutians, Fischafen in New-Guinea, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and many more. This story is the description of a pioneering achievement of greatest extent with its consequences up until today. Without these achievements of the AACS World War II could not have been won by the four allies. You can download this documentation, for free. All pages are analyzed via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that you can easily search the document for names, topics and terms.

Highways in the Sky - The Story of the Airways and Air Communications System (AACS)
Author: Louis Shores

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