Handbook on the Italian Military Forces in World War II

May 13, 2019

The purpose of the handbook on the Italian Military Forces in World War II is to give United States military personnel a better understanding of the principal characteristics of the Italian Army. No attempt has been made to give complete details of any subject discussed in this handbook, a balanced, general picture of the Italian Army being considered of paramount importance. More detailed information regarding individual units, campaign, and commanders is provided in a special study of the Order of Battle of the Italian Army. On the other hand, Fascist as well as military elements are set forth.

The effects of 20 years of Fascist organization of the social, industrial, and economic structure of Italy cannot be expected to disappear at once with the dissolution of the Party. A considerable part of the Italian armed forces bears the stamp of Fascist education and training. It is therefore imperative, regardless of recent events, that the Fascist Militia and its component services, which for so long have dominated the life of the Italian people, be given an integral place in the text. A discussion of the Italian Air Force is included in this handbook. You can download this rare documentation, for free.

Handbook on the Italian Military Forces in World War II
Publisher: Military Intelligence Service

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