Index of Aeronautics - The great bibliography published by the U.S. Works Progress Administration with the cooperation of the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences

May 26, 2019

In the period from 1936 to 1940 the U.S. Works Progress Administration published a magnificent bibliography in a total of 50 volumes with additional supplements. This bibliography, published with the cooperation of the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, contains all the international articles, books, pamphlets, etc. known up to that time which deal with various aviation topics. On Digital Aviation Library you can download these volumes, for free.

Index of Aeronautics

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1) Transportation
2) Meteorology
3) Insurance
4) Dynamics of the Airplane
5) Seaplanes
6) Flying Boats
7) Amphibians
8) Autogiros
9) Helicopters
10) Gyroplanes and Cyclogiros
11) Medicine
12) Landing Gears
13) Refueling in Flight
14) Tailless Airplanes
15) Airplane Catapults
16) Airplane Carrier
17) Diesel Aircraft Engines
18) Laws and Regulations
19) Control Surfaces
20) Slots and Flaps
21) Blind Flight, Automatic Pilot, Ice Formation
22) Air Band Radio
23) Airships
24) Air Mail
25) Air Navigation
26) Flight Instruments
27) Propellers
28) Fuels
29) Lubricants
30) Aerial Photography
31) Metal Construction of Aircraft
32) Engines Volume I
33) Engines Volume II
34) Engines By Manufacturer
35) Engine Parts and Accessories
36) Engine Instruments
37) Airports
38) Skin Friction and Boundary Flow
39) Stress Analysis
40) Helium
41) Comfort in Aircraft
42) Plastic Materials
43) Metals and Light Alloys
44) Airways
45) Wind Tunnels and Laboratories
46) Gliding and Soaring
47) Women in Aeronautics
48) Parachutes
49) Rocket Propulsion
50) Stratospheric Flight

Gliding Year Book 1931 by Dorset Gliding Club

May 15, 2019

The Dorset Gliding Club was founded in 1929 by German glider pilots in the UK. At the time, many German air athletes had the coasts of the British Isles visited, in order to study in detail the ridge soaring. For a gliding club, it was common that even a yearbook was issued, for example, the "Gliding Yearbook" from the year 1931. It includes reports on the ridge soaring or gliding in different countries, and a report on the glider training at the famous Wasserkuppe, Germany. You can download this documentation, for free.

Gliding Year Book 1931
Publisher: Dorset Gliding Club

Civil Aviation Workers Union of the USSR

May 10, 2019

In 1984 Vladimir Zuyev wrote a book about the Civil Aviation Workers Union of the former Soviet Union. Members of the Civil Aviation Workers Union were pilots, air traffic controllers and technicians and staff of air sports organizations and government employees. The book was written in the English language and offers a deep insight into the structure of the Soviet aviation infrastructure. You can download this book as .pdf document, for free.

Civil Aviation Workers Union of the USSR
Author: Vladimir Zuyev

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